Flash Fiction

I’ve decided to try writing Flash Fiction and have joined the ‘Friday Flash’ gang. You can find my first ever (200 word!) piece ‘A Black Night’ beneath this post or if you click on the Flash Fiction category in column on the right.

You can find out more about #fridayflash at http://madutopia.com/blog/fridayflash. I don’t suppose I’ll be posting a story every week but certainly as often as I can. So here goes. Deep breath … jump in with both feet, Debs … Go on , you can do it … Gulp!

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3 Responses to Flash Fiction

  1. Good luck Deb, I’ll check it out! So relieved that ‘Friday Flash’ meant a short story and not an uncomfortable encounter with an unwelcome viewing end of week! Good luck with sorting out the feed apps too. These usually confound me too!

  2. I’m going to have a go as well. Although I don’t know how I’ll fit in all these challenges etc I’m joining up to. My REAL project seems to have become sidelined as I learn more about blogging and networking.

    • I do know the feeling; the same is happening with me too. You have less time to ‘work’ because of all the blogs to read, blogging to do, and sundry related exercises to ‘stay in there’. I thought about joining Flash Fiction too (Deb you’ve started something here); then, like you thought: ‘where to find the time?’
      I’ll definitely give it some serious thought though!

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