World Book Day

I had a wonderful afternoon on Thursday (World Book Day), reading a number of my stories to the lovely people at the Headway Charity at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol. They invited me to share the event with the fantastic Bristol poet, Rosemary Dun reading her poems, which was great because it’s the first time I’ve done a public reading – although I have been recorded reading ‘The Black Widow’ for broadcast on ‘My Word Radio’, which you can also hear here!

Recently I guest-blogged on Susan Howe’s ‘the long and the short of it’ and mentioned how reading stories aloud requires considered momentum, vocal expression and a degree of acting to convincingly become each character, and also how stories – often referred to as a writer’s “baby” – can take on a life of their own. Once a story has achieved some sort of success, such as winning a competition, like children they have a tendency to shoot off in all directions long after leaving the metaphorical womb. Once “out there”, even when you think they’ve finished growing, they go on offering more and more exciting opportunities – as evidenced by my invitation to read at Headway. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and so, I’m pleased to say, did the audience!

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3 Responses to World Book Day

  1. Joy Derham says:

    So glad you enjoyed your afternoon!

  2. Jan Brigden says:

    Ah, that’s a great post, Debs. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon. I shall make sure I have a listen to your recorded reading too x x

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