Someone Else’s Major Book Launch (and minor one of my own)

Last night I went to Foyles in Bristol for the launch of my good writing friend, Sarah Hilary’s bound-to-be-major first novel; Someone Else’s Skin, published by Headline in the UK and Penguin in the US.

I’m convinced Sarah is destined to become a major new star in the writing hemisphere. Best selling author, screenwriter, actor and comic, Mark Billingham, declares her novel “a stunning debut from a major new crime-writing talent” and just see the rest of those quotes from illustrious authors like Helen Dunmore!

During the evening Sarah read beautifully from the first chapter of Someone Else’s Skin and as always, her writing proves as smooth, flowing and biting as single-malt on ice; the audience was immediately sucked into intrigue and left craving more.

Sarah's Book Launch 004

Sarah reading

Hovering, and loitering, amongst the crowd were renowned local writers such as Tania Hershman, Rebecca Lloyd, Jonathan Pinnock and also National Flash Fiction Day Director; Calum Kerr. There were no doubt others of note but it was so crowded with admirers I couldn’t spot them all.

Sarah's Book Launch 007

Jonathon Pinnock and Tania Hershman

Sarah's Book Launch 006

Calum Kerr

Sarah's Book Launch 013

Sarah … and me!

I’m a flash-fiction fan so in a few words I’ll sum up by saying; watch the bestsellar lists!

Whilst I’m blogging (however!), and bragging about the launch of Sarah’s bound-to-be-major new book, I thought I’d have a minor brag about a short story of my own published in the latest Bridge House anthology; Something Hidden.

My story; “One…Step…at…a…Time”, follows an elderly lady who uses a sat-nav so she doesn’t get lost when escaping her residential home for walks with her other life support system; a three-wheeled zimmer frame.

There are lots of other fantastic stories in the anthology from talented writers such as Sarah Hegarty and Stephen Wade and you can buy it in paperback from Amazon, here, or the kindle edition, here.

Happy reading and Good Luck to Sarah. I’ll be keeping my eye on those lists!

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7 Responses to Someone Else’s Major Book Launch (and minor one of my own)

  1. Kath says:

    Great write-up of a lovely launch. And it was fantastic to finally meet you, as well as Sarah yesterday.

  2. Joy Derham says:

    You’ve tempted me into someone else’s skin, Deb!

  3. Joy Derham says:

    Perhaps I should have added that, as you know, I’ve already got ‘Something Hidden’ and love your story!

  4. Lovely blog post, Debs – congrats on your publication! xx

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